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"The S520F:gravity or air pump

A professional soft ice cream machine for the highest demands"

Pasmo s520f softeismaschine
pasmo s520 f softeismaschine
Trichter mit Pumpe von eine Softeismaschine
Größe von pasmo s520f softeismaschine
Diagram mit System beschreibung
Foto von dem Begin der Eisproduktion
Vergleich zwischen Pumpsystem und Schwerkraftsystem
Technische Daten der Softeismaschine

Qualität, die begeistert:Ihre zuverlässige Wahl für Premium-Softeis

A professional soft serve ice cream machine like the S520F is an essential tool for any ice cream parlor or catering establishment that makes their own ice cream products. With a capacity of 50 liters per hour and a 2 x 12.5 liter hopper, you can produce large quantities of soft ice cream while controlling the flavor and quality of the ice cream.

The machine has a self-checking function as well as a mix-low alarm function to ensure that ice cream is always produced at the best possible quality. The beater type is made of SS304 stainless steel, which ensures durability and easy cleaning.

The S520F also features a hopper agitator, making it easy to mix ingredients and guaranteeing a consistent end result. The cooling systems use 2 compressors from EMBRACO/TECUMSEH with the gas R404A and a compressor capacity of 3753BTU/h*2 to cool the ice quickly and keep it at the optimal temperature in the hopper.

The machine has a motor power of 2 x 550W and is available in 220V/380V-50Hz/60Hz. With dimensions of 940 x 640 x 1512 mm and a weight of 226 kg, the S520F is a robust and reliable machine suitable for everyday ice making use.

Overall, the S520F is a high quality professional soft ice cream machine that offers high capacity and excellent quality. It's a great investment for any ice cream shop or restaurant that wants to produce their own ice cream and have full control over the quality of their product.

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