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"The Pasmo S111 Soft Ice Cream Machine:

A performance monster for the highest demands 

A performance machine that sets standards"

Pasmo s111 softeismaschine
Teilebeschreibung von der Softeismaschine
Foto von Pasmo s111 Softeismaschine von der Seite
Bechalter von eine Softeismaschine
Man serviert eine Portion von Softeis in eine Tüte
Bedienfeld einer Softeismaschine
Beschreibung der Software einer Softeismaschine
Beschreibung des Materials und der Konstruktion von Schabern in einer Softeismaschine
Beschreibung technischer Informationen zu einer Softeismaschine
Beschreibung technischer Informationen zu einer Softeismaschine
Beschreibung der mikrothermischen Erwärmung der Zylinder in einer Softeismaschine
Beschreibung der Pasteurisierungsfunktion in einer Softeismaschine

Eis wie nie zuvor: Die professionelle Softeismaschine S111 setzt neue Maßstäbe

A true performance monster, the S111 soft serve ice cream maker is a concentrated version of the Pasmo S121, retaining many of the flagship features such as micro-heating with auto defrost, intelligent inverter technology and gear-type air pump system . This one container machine is perfect for the production of one taste.

The S111 is also available with a personalized customization option, including a custom scoreboard that enhances the machine's appearance. The machine uses the latest frequency conversion technology to provide a smooth start and energy efficient performance.

With a capacity of 50 liters per hour, a 25 liter hopper and a 2.5 liter cylinder capacity, the S111 is a powerful and reliable machine. The machine has a self-check function and a mix-low alarm function to ensure that ice cream is always produced at the best possible quality. The beater type is made of SS304 stainless steel, which ensures durability and easy cleaning. The machine is also equipped with an in-tank blender that facilitates the mixing of ingredients and guarantees a consistent end result.

The refrigeration systems use an EMBRACO/TECUMSEH compressor with a compressor capacity of 4827BTU/h to cool the ice quickly and keep it at the optimal temperature in the hopper. The machine also offers a choice of air cooling and optional water cooling systems.

The S111 features an advanced overflow system that allows the ice to be dispensed continuously. In addition, the machine is very quiet and energy efficient. The integrated freezing system has no blind spots, which prevents the growth of bacteria and thus ensures better hygiene. The pasteurization function provides additional safety and extends the shelf life of the ice cream.

Another great advantage of the S111 is the one-touch cycle heating function, which can completely solve the frozen cylinder problem. The machine also has a standby function that allows the temperature of the hopper and cylinder to be kept at 1-4.5°C during the night.

Overall the S111 is an excellent soft serve ice cream / frozen yogurt machine offering high capacity, excellent quality and excellent hygiene. It's a great choice for any ice cream shop or restaurant looking for a reliable and powerful soft serve ice cream / frozen yogurt machine.

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