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"The Pasmo S570F:gravity or air pump

Powerful production and advanced technology: The Pasmo S570F soft ice cream machine - Hygienic, quiet and energy-efficient""

Pasmo s979f
Pasmo s520f 1
pasmo s520 f side
s520 f pump
2 systems
pasmo s520f vs s570f
7 minutes start
pump gravity

Maximale Leistung, maximale Qualität : Spitzenklasse in der Softeisherstellung

The Pasmo S570F soft ice cream machine has a powerful motor of 2 x 550W and is available in the voltage types 220V/380V-50Hz/60Hz. With a capacity of 55 liters per hour and a 2 x 9.5 liter container, you can produce larger quantities of soft ice cream while controlling the taste and quality of the ice cream.

The machine has a cylinder capacity of 2.5 liters x 2 and an output of 3.2KW. With dimensions of 770 x 520 x 1444 mm and a weight of 226 kg, the S550 is a robust and reliable machine suitable for everyday ice making use.

The S570F features a self-check function and a mix-low alarm function to ensure ice is always produced at optimum quality. The beater type is made of SS304 stainless steel, which ensures durability and easy cleaning. The machine is also equipped with an in-tank blender that facilitates the mixing of ingredients and guarantees a consistent end result.

The refrigeration systems use 2 EMBRACO/TECUMSEH compressors with R404A gas and a compressor capacity of 4094BTU/h*2 to cool the ice quickly and keep it in the bin at the optimum temperature. The machine also offers a choice of air cooling and optional water cooling systems.

The S570F features an advanced overflow system that allows the ice to be dispensed continuously. In addition, the machine is very quiet and energy efficient. The integrated freezing system has no blind spots, which prevents the growth of bacteria and thus ensures better hygiene.

The S570F also features the latest soft start technology, which is safer and more energy efficient. Overall, the S570F is an excellent professional soft serve ice cream machine, offering high capacity and excellent quality while being safe, hygienic and energy efficient.

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