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"The Pasmo S121: with Gravitation or air pump

Success with the Pasmo S121 soft ice cream machine: a machine that leaves nothing to be desired"

Bild von einer Softeismaschine
Skizze von der Größe von der Softeismaschine S520
Behälter von einer Softeismaschine mit Schwerkraft system
Behälter der Softeismaschine mit Luftpumpe
Rührwerk der Softeismaschine
Bild von der Zeit das die Softeismaschine braucht um Eis zum Vorbereiten
Foto von der Konstruktion des Rührwerks der Softeismaschine
Foto der Elektronik der Softeismaschine

The professional soft ice cream machines from the SüsserStopp Line, the S248 and the S250, are equipped with two 1.8 liter cylinders. They also have two cups, each with space for 12.5 liters and are kept below 4.4 ℃ by separate cooling (pre-cooling). A microprocessor regulates the cooling by measuring the viscosity of the product to ensure consistent quality. A counter records the number of deliveries per day and in total.

The machine has an output of 48 or 50 liters per hour and can be used both as a gravity feed and as an airpump feed. The flexible blade beater ensures higher capacity and higher overrun, while the mixer in the cup ensures better mixture flow and a more even temperature.

The machine can produce all popular soft-serve variants from low-fat or fat-free soft serve ice cream to custards, yoghurts and sorbets. A mix low light feature alerts the operator when the mix is ​​running low and prevents the cylinder from freezing over. A standby mode maintains the temperature of the mixing bins and freezing cylinders below 4.4℃ during long periods of non-use.

The model is a floor standing unit with twin twist flavor function and independent cooling system and controls to suit all tastes. The machine dimensions are 654 x 554 x 1520 mm (NET) and the net weight is 215 kg. The machine has a power consumption of 3.4KW and needs a dedicated power connection to ensure stable operation.

The main engine has a power of two times 1.25 hp, while the cooling system consists of two compressors with a total power of 2x BTU/hour 3393. The separate hop cooler has a 400 BTU/hour R134a compressor (BTUs may vary depending on the compressor used). The machine can be air- or water-cooled and can be equipped with a cone dispenser or air pump (gear pumps ensure a high ice cream overflow rate).

Please note that specifications are subject to change and need to be regulated depending on local conditions.

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