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440x605x840 7 45kg

1kW / 5.5l funnel / 2 motors for pump and mixer / night function

A chocolate tempering machine is an essential tool in any kitchen that works with chocolate. It allows the chocolate to be heated to a specific temperature and then slowly cooled to bring it into the optimal state for use in various baking and dessert recipes. The tempering process makes the chocolate shiny, crunchy, and breaks easily, resulting in better flavor and an appealing texture. The machine also makes it possible to keep the chocolate at a constant temperature throughout the processing process, allowing for greater control and consistency in the manufacture of chocolate products.

For ice cream parlors and candy shops, a chocolate tempering machine can be invaluable. A machine of the right size and with the right features can significantly improve workflows and increase product quality. There are also smaller models that can be placed on the counter or built in under to save space.

chocolate tempering machine

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