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Professional Soft Serve Machines & Unique
Store Concepts

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Welcome to Der süße Stopp!
Your best choice for professional soft serve machines and unique shop concepts!
Our website offers everything you need for a successful launch and operation of your ice cream café, bar, or restaurant.

Opening a Gastronomy Business: Learn everything necessary to successfully start your gastronomy business. We support you with practical tips and detailed instructions.

Choosing the Right Soft Serve Machine: Discover how to find the perfect soft serve machine for your business that emphasizes efficiency and quality.

Maximizing Profits from Ice Cream: We'll show you how to increase your revenue with the right ingredients, suppliers, and sales strategies.

Attracting More Customers: Learn methods to attract more guests and increase your visitor numbers.

Overcoming Business Challenges: Receive solutions and advice to master the challenges of the gastronomy industry.

Optimal Equipment for Your Business: We guide you to the best devices and furniture that meet your needs. 


Contact us for tailored advice and start your journey into the world of gastronomy with a strong partner by your side. Make your gastronomic dream a reality with us!

Our mission:
To ensure simplicity and efficiency in the realization of gastronomic projects.

Softeis Investition Logo

Welcome to "Der Süße Stopp" – Your expert for unique shop-fitting and creative store design!

Are you ready to open your own bar, restaurant, or ice cream parlor? We accompany you from the initial idea to the final implementation. With us, you will find everything you need to realize your dream: from stylish furniture and bar counters to state-of-the-art cooling devices, professional soft serve machines, and complete kitchen solutions. Our holistic approach helps you overcome challenges and attract customers.

With over 25 years of experience in the gastronomy industry, I understand the challenges of starting your own business. This experience enables us to support you optimally. We offer not only top-notch equipment at fair prices but also customized store concepts that shape your brand and help realize your vision.

As your one-stop-shop, we provide comprehensive solutions to facilitate your market entry and lead your gastronomy to success. Take the first step towards a successful future with "Der Süße Stopp"!

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The Ultimate
Soft Serve Machine

Experience exceptional quality and innovative features: The perfect symbiosis between machine and creamy soft serve ice cream. We are proud to present Holland's best-selling soft serve machine – a masterpiece of over 30 years of combined Dutch and Japanese collaboration and craftsmanship.

Nissei Atributes.jpg


Welcome to Soft Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Machines – Your top provider for excellent soft serve equipment!

We are proud to offer three specially designed product lines tailored to meet the needs of all types of businesses, from top-class ice cream parlors to dynamic startups.

Nissei Soft Serve Machines: The elite of our product range and undisputedly the best soft serve machine on the market. Nissei represents the highest goal for any ice cream café that wants to offer only the most excellent to its customers. These machines are at the forefront in terms of quality and efficiency – ideal for businesses that accept no compromises in their ice cream production.

Pasmo Soft Serve Machines: This line includes robust and reliable machines, manufactured by one of the leading Chinese manufacturers. Pasmo is the perfect choice for shops that seek high quality at an affordable price. These soft serve machines offer solid performance and are ideal for those who think economically without risking quality loss.

Sußer Stopp Line: These devices are also produced by a leading Chinese manufacturer and combine advanced technology with efficient design. These soft serve machines are excellent for startups and smaller businesses that do not want to compromise on high quality despite a smaller budget. With the Sußer Stopp line, you can create a variety of delicious ice cream variations without straining your budget.

Whether you want to conquer the market with top quality or build your business with reliable and cost-efficient solutions, our product range offers the ideal device for your needs. Make your choice now and transform your ice cream production into a true success!

a person making a portion of frozen yogurt
a person eatin strawbery ice cream

"Die Pasmo Vertretung für Österreich erfolgt über einen anderen Agenten. Für andere Länder können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden."

Spaceman Softeismaschinen

If you are interested in Spaceman soft serve machines, we are also at your service as we work closely with this manufacturer.

We offer you the absolute best soft serve machines on the market – from Nissei, who undisputedly make the best soft serve machines, to the top three leading Chinese manufacturers. Do not hesitate to contact us to start your soft serve journey or take it to a new level.

Die Auswahl der richtigen Softeismaschine kann maßgeblich zum Erfolg Ihres Geschäfts beitragen. Hier sind einige wichtige Aspekte, die Sie bei der Auswahl einer Softeismaschine beachten sollten:

  1. Kapazität und Leistung: Entscheiden Sie, wie viel Eis Sie voraussichtlich verkaufen werden. Maschinen mit höherer Kapazität können mehr Eiscreme gleichzeitig herstellen, benötigen aber auch mehr Platz und Energie.

  2. Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit: Investieren Sie in eine Maschine von einem renommierten Hersteller. Hochwertige Maschinen sind zuverlässiger und haben oft eine längere Lebensdauer.

  3. Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Wartung: Wählen Sie eine Maschine, die leicht zu bedienen und zu reinigen ist. Eine einfache Wartung spart Zeit und Geld.

  4. Vielseitigkeit: Überlegen Sie, ob Sie verschiedene Eissorten oder Geschmacksrichtungen anbieten möchten. Einige Maschinen bieten die Möglichkeit, mehrere Geschmacksrichtungen gleichzeitig herzustellen.

  5. Kosten: Berücksichtigen Sie Ihr Budget. Günstigere Maschinen können anfangs attraktiv sein, aber höhere Betriebskosten und kürzere Lebensdauer haben. Bei uns finden Sie super Softeismaschinen zum fairen Preisen

  6. Kundendienst und Garantie: Achten Sie auf gute Garantiebedingungen und einen zuverlässigen Kundendienst.

  7. Design und Größe: Die Maschine sollte in Ihren Laden passen und zum Gesamtbild beitragen.

  8. Energieeffizienz: Eine energieeffiziente Maschine kann langfristig Kosten sparen und ist umweltfreundlicher.


Indem Sie diese Faktoren berücksichtigen, können Sie eine Softeismaschine kaufen, die Ihren Bedürfnissen entspricht und Ihrem Geschäft zum Erfolg verhilft.

Softeis Zubehör

The best ingredients for your ice cream shop, from ice cream powder to waffles and...

Slushy Becher

The best ingredients for your slush maker, from syrups for slushy to cups for slushy...



Machines for Enjoyment and One Step Kitchen solutions and Accessories, Gastronomy Cooling Devices, Ice Cream Display Cabinets, Ice Cream Bicycles, Slush Makers, Crepe Makers, Wine Climate Cabinets, and Custom-made Wine Storage Systems...

We offer you not just high-quality soft ice cream machines, but also a wide range of other products for your gastronomic establishment. This includes energy-efficient cooling systems, ice cream counters, and cake displays, specifically designed for bars, ice cream parlors, confectionery stores, and similar businesses.

Our cooling systems ensure reliable refrigeration, thus contributing to the smooth operation of your business. The attractively designed ice cream counters and cake displays offer an appealing presentation for your sweet delicacies while keeping them fresh and tasty. We are always committed to providing you with the perfect solution for your individual needs and support you with our team of experts, offering first-class service and support.

Discover the quality and reliability of our products and services to make your business successful. Take your time and visit our website to learn more about our soft ice cream machines, cooling systems, ice cream counters, and cake displays. We are proud to offer you the best possible experience when it comes to machines for enjoyment.

a Bar with tables and chairs
Picture of a Bar


From planning to implementation

getränke kühler für die Bar
Ice cream display


The right cooling for your business

Fahrräd für Eisverkauf
Mobiles Eiswagen mit Eiskühlung


Mobile solutions for your ice cream business

Maschine für vorbereitung von Crepe
Maschine für Crepe vorbereitung


professional french crepe machine

Maschine für Schokolade
Schokoaussgus in eine Bartheke eingebaut


From processing to production

Maschine für Milkshake produktion


From machines for slushy, granita and milkshakes

Maschine für Slushy
Eistütenspender für Eisbächer oder Tuten
a white and black ice cream cone


From advertising displays to ice cream cone holders

Schlaue Kauchtisch mit Kühlschrank
Zimmer für Weinaufbewarung mit Kühlschranken


From refrigerators to custom made wine storage units

Maschine für produktion von Schlagsahne für Gastronomie
Maschine für produktion  von Schlagsahnemaschine für Gastronomie


Cream, creams and much more

dining room.jpeg
a person cooking in a restaurant


Design, equipment and construction from a single source



Welcome to our store where we provide top quality professional soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines and other essential refrigeration equipment and other stuff for ice cream industry and hospitality industry. Our company has partnered with the leading and most trusted brands in the industry to ensure our customers receive only the best products and services.


Our visionis to become a leading player in the ice cream segment and to make it easier for new companies to enter the market. We aim to provide our customers with trustworthy and best-in-class products and services to provide them with the necessary equipment, training and support to run their businesses successfully.

We strive to be a trusted brand characterized by integrity, customer satisfaction and quality. As a partner to our customers, we understand their needs and want to help them optimize their business and make it successful. We want our customers to choose us as their preferred supplier and partner they can rely on.

Our vision is to become an indispensable resource for the ice cream and gastronomy industry in Austria and beyond. We want to be a valuable partner to our customers and help them grow and prosper their businesses.

our missionis to offer our customers high-quality machines and equipment at an affordable price and to inspire them with excellent customer service. We want to ensure that we can meet our customers' needs by offering a wide range of products and services so that they consider us their preferred supplier. Our focus is to be a trusted brand that excels in quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We want to provide our customers with the necessary resources and support to successfully run and grow their business.


The valuesof our company are based on the vision and mission focused on providing quality machines, equipment and services for the ice cream and hospitality industry. We have set ourselves the goal of being a trustworthy partner for our customers and establishing ourselves as a leading supplier of machines and equipment for the sale, storage and production of ice cream, beverages and other products in the catering industry in Austria and beyond. Our values include:

  • Quality: We strive for the highest quality in our products and services to ensure our customers are satisfied and have confidence in us.

  • Commitment: We are committed to serving our customers by providing them with best-in-class products, training and support to run their businesses successfully.

  • Trust: We want to be a trustworthy partner for our customers by providing them with reliable products and services and by understanding their needs.

  • Integrity: We act ethically and with integrity and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

  • Innovation: We strive for innovative solutions to help our customers succeed and differentiate themselves from other companies.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We focus on our customers' satisfaction and meet their needs to ensure they become long-term partners of our company.

  • Sustainability: We strive to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • Collaboration: We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and requirements and to provide customized solutions. We are also looking for opportunities to collaborate with other industry players to develop better solutions together.

  • Partnership: We strive to be a valuable partner for our customers and to become an indispensable resource for the ice cream and gastronomy industry in Austria and beyond.

We are confident that our clients will appreciate the level of expertise and dedication we bring to the table. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a new entrepreneur, we're here to help you achieve your goals and build a thriving ice cream or bar business.


Mon - Fri:     07:00 - 22:00

​​Saturday:  08.00 - 22.00

​Sunday:   08.00 - 23.00


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