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How to buy a suitable wine refrigerator has become a difficult problem for the large number of wine lovers. The current market and choice of products and access to relevant knowledge is limited. So how do you choose a suitable wine storage cabinet? Actually it is not difficult.

First we need to understand our own needs. How much capacity (storage volume), limits of the environment where we want to place it (height, width, depth, etc.). And also to consider what kind of wine you want to store, because for the different wines you need different storage and different temperatures.


Second, determine the temperature zones

1: A single warm wine cabinet for a long time to store red wine or white wine.

2: Double temperature zone wine cabinet, the wine cabinet is divided into two zones, one zone for storing white wine (8-10 degrees) and the other for storing red wine (12-14 degrees)

3: Three-zone wine cabinet is the wine cabinet in which the wine cabinet is divided into three zones. In addition to the storage of white wine (8-10 degrees) and the storage of red wine (12-14 degrees), there is also a zone with a drinking temperature range (16-18 degrees) for storing the red wines drunk every day.


Is it appropriate to store wine in an ordinary refrigerator and why ordinary refrigerators are not suitable for storing wine?

  Ordinary refrigerators can provide refrigeration temperatures of 1.7°C to 3°C for wines and 30% humidity. The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 7ºC and 16ºC and humidity between 70% and 90%. In addition, when storing wine, it is necessary to try to avoid vibration, and the refrigerator motor runs 24 hours a day, the resulting vibration will affect the wine aging process.

The next is to determine where to buy. And that's where we come in to help.

Weinkühlschranke in verschiedenen modelen


Large storage space for up to 320 bottles. Cutting-edge technology ensures perfect temperature and humidity control for optimal wine storage.
Beech wood shelves, Jiaxipera compressor,

2 layers of tempered & UV protected glass

Weinkühlschran mit weinfaschen  gefühlt


Cutting-edge technology ensures perfect temperature and humidity control for optimal wine storage.
Beech wood shelves, Jiaxipera compressor, 2 layers of anti-UV tempered glass, fan cooling,

copper evaporator

Weinkühlschran mit weinfaschen  gefühlt
Weinkühlschran mit weinfaschen  gefühlt


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Essential items


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