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Introducing wine refrigerators that are the perfect addition to any home or hotel room. Our refrigerators are equipped with the latest technologies and systems to ensure your wine is stored at the perfect temperature, preserving its flavor and quality. Wine coolers offer precise temperature control, humidity control and vibration dampening to ensure your wine stays in perfect condition.

Our refrigerators are not only practical, but also visually appealing. Our designs incorporate the finest materials, giving our refrigerators a sleek and modern look that will enhance any room's décor.

Whether you are a wine lover looking to keep your collection at home or a hotel owner looking to provide the best possible experience for your guests,

Wine fridges are the perfect solution. With a range of sizes, stylish designs and finishes to choose from, they complement any home or hotel decor.

Invest in a wine cooler today and enjoy your wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


These smart tables are perfect for the home or a hotel room. They have a mini-bar function, fridge, wireless cell phone charging station, USB port, music speakers and Bluetooth connectivity.

Smart Coffee Table mit kühlschrank funktion


Cutting-edge technology ensures perfect temperature and humidity control for optimal wine storage.
Beech wood shelves, Jiaxipera compressor, 2 layers of anti-UV tempered glass, fan cooling, copper evaporator

Weinkühlschrank mit Flaschen in der Küche


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Kleiner Weinkühlschrank unter der Theke

Essential items


Attention all professionals! Keep your prized cigars and meat in pristine condition with our premium humidors and dry-aging refrigerators. We can arrange and order for you products that have been developed with precision and care to ensure maximum preservation and preservation of taste. Say goodbye to stale cigars and spoiled meat and hello to the ultimate storage and aging solutions. Order now and experience the difference.

Diagram mit fünktionen des dry agers
humidor für Zigaren mit Zigaren
Kühlschrank für dry aging des Fleisches
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