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Attention all ice cream lovers and entrepreneurs! Are you looking for a unique and convenient way to start your own ice cream business? Look no further!

Introducing the ultimate ice cream carts and bikes with built in sink, water tank and storage! These bikes are not only eye-catching and attractive, but also eco-friendly and easy to use.

The ice cream vans and bikes can be equipped with a sink and a water tank, they are available in different models and sizes. The storage compartments offer ample space to store your ingredients, utensils and other supplies.

Best of all, the ice cream trucks can be powered by electricity or battery packs, giving you the flexibility to work anywhere without a power source. Whether you want to park it in a busy shopping area or drive to a festival or event, these ice cream truck bikes are the perfect solution for anyone looking to start their own ice cream business.

You can also use them instead of classic gastronomy refrigerators or showcases.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to break into the ice cream industry and start your own business today! Order now and get ready to ride your way to success!

Verschiedene Modelle von Eiswagen


Ice Cream Carts are mobile vending stands equipped with high quality technology to keep ice cream fresh and delicious. They have an Embraco or Danfoss hermetic compressor for integrated air-cooled condensing units. The temperature ranges from -16 to -22 degrees Celsius and the cart consists of a Corian countertop, 201 stainless steel casing, 304 stainless steel interior, heated double glazed side windows and automatic defrost. Additional features include a sink, water and drainage connections, LED lighting, plexiglass sliding doors, customizable logos, screens and colors, ice bin, wheels for easy mobility and an electronic control panel with digital thermometer and thermostat.


Ice cream bikes are eco-friendly and mobile solutions for selling ice cream. They have direct cooling and various customizable models that offer different freezing systems. The ice cream bikes can be powered by battery packs or plugged directly into the mains. Equipped with LED lighting and heated double panes, they ensure optimal conditions to keep the ice cream fresh and delicious. Customizable logos, shades and colors allow them to be designed to match personal style and branding. The compact design and ease of use make the ice cream bike a popular choice for ice cream vendors who want to offer their products in a creative and environmentally friendly way.

Verschiedene Modelle von Eiswfahrrädern
Verschiedene Modelle und anpasungen von Eiswagen


They offer a wide range of customization options and different models. Different styles can be customized to reflect personal taste or branding. The number of ice cream containers varies (6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16), colours, logos and umbrellas can be personalised. LED lighting, heated dual panes and direct cooling are available on both options. Ice cream bikes offer battery operation or plug-in electricity. These customization options allow for a tailored, engaging ice cream vending experience on both bikes and carts.

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