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Looking for a wine chilling and storage service tailored to the needs of your business? Look no further! In this area we work together with well-known and established manufacturers. Our custom built refrigerators and wine coolers are perfect for hotels, restaurants, wine shops and similar establishments.
We use only the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure our wine coolers are the best on the market. Not only do our devices offer excellent quality, they also look fantastic and give your premises the perfect aesthetic.
We specialize in bespoke wine cellars, so you can be assured that your wine will be kept in perfect condition at all times. With our wine cooling and storage service, you'll never have to worry about the quality of your wine again.
Whether you want to store a few bottles or hundreds, we have a wine cooling solution that fits your needs perfectly. Contact us today to learn more about our wine cooling and storage service and start giving your wine the treatment it deserves!

Optimale Weinkühlung für Profis
Maßgeschneiderte Weinklimaschranke
Energieeffiziente Weinkühlschränke
Qualität trifft auf Design
Hochwertige Materialien und modernste Technik
Von Gold bis Roségold
Veredelte Weinkühlschränke für jedes Ambiente
Umfassender Service und Support
3 Jahre Garantie und lebenslanger Support
Schutz vor UV-Strahlen
Maßgeschneiderte Temperaturkontrolle
Dual-Zonen oder mehr
Leiser Betrieb, maximale Effizienz
Investition in Qualität
weinkeller und Weinkühlschrank mit wein
Weinkühlschrank mit wein
Weinkühlschrank mit wein
Weinkühlschrank mit wein
Weinkühlschrank mit wein
Weinkühlschrank mit wein
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The Bulgari Hotel Shanghai


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Logo von Kunden
Logo von Kunden
Logo von Kunden
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"Step into luxury with our personalized cigar rooms and storage units”

Our partners specialize in creating exquisite and unique cigar spaces tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Their team of experienced designers and craftsmen work closely with you to transform any room into a stylish and functional haven for cigar aficionados.

From custom cigar cabinets to temperature-controlled humidors, they offer a wide range of premium storage solutions that keep your cigars fresh and flavorful. From the materials to the design, every detail is tailored to your preferences. The products are made from high-quality materials and feature advanced technology to ensure optimal conditions for your cigars.

Relax in a space that reflects your style and taste and enjoy the ultimate cigar experience. Contact us today to get started on your dream cigar room."

zigarrenraum nach maß mit sofa und tisch und zigaren
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