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"Introducing the professional French crepe maker designed to take your crepe making to the next level. Backed by a 3-year warranty and made from the highest quality materials, you can be assured of the durability and reliability of this machine .In just 15 seconds   this machine produces perfect crepes every time, giving you a fast and efficient way to keep up with demand.With its unique and innovative system, you stand out from the competition and take your crepe making to the next level.” As a bonus, you also get a collection of delicious crepe recipes to use with your new machine.

Image by Max Griss
Maschine für zubereitung von Crepe
Skizze von der Maschine für zubereitung von Crepe

Crepes are only baked on one side, there is no need to flip the crepes to the second side. The crepe should be poured directly onto the countertop without first removing the crepe. This is made possible by the machine design, which helps distribute the constant temperature across the entire heating platen.

The finished crepe is rolled with a special crepe knife. The end product is similar to the crepe we all know from our own kitchens. However, our finished crepe is a consistent tan color, much like one of the prettiest buns

Maximum size crepe can be made in 20 seconds (including spreading batter, baking, filling, rolling and serving).

Crepe mit Früchten und Sahne
Maschine für zubereitung von Crepe
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